Ray Project Essences from Japan
01/04/2017 We are delighted to announce that - after a rather long break - we have published a new set of essences today. The Ray Project essences are manufactured by Kiyofumi Tomii in Japan. Tommy, as he likes himself to be called, was born 1963 and has originally studied physics at the University of Tokyo. Today, Tommy lives in Nagano. As of 1999 he has been working as hypno therapist ... read more
Alaskan Essences by Steve Johnson
01/14/2013 Again we are happy to announce, that we just published the essence ranges of a "new" essence manufacturer: The Alaskan Essences by Steve Johnson. Steve has been preparing his essences in the pristine wilderness of Alaska since 1983 and is one of the early pioneers of the new generation of essence makers. He is offering several ranges of flower, gem and environmental essences ... read more
10/22/2012 Another manufacturer is online! We are happy to announce, that all the essences of the German manufacturer IrisFlora GreenHelps are now available on the Essence ... read more
08/27/2012 We are very happy to announce the release of the first German speaking book about the wonderful Ararêtama Rainforest Essences by Sandra Epstein. You can purchase it at ... read more
08/03/2012 As of today the information on the Australian Bush Flower Essences by Ian White is complete in our database. We entered all descriptions and added a lot of ... read more

Older items

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