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IrisFlora GreenHelps: Manosa
IrisFlora GreenHelps


01/04/2017 Ray Project Essences from Japan
We are delighted to announce that - after a rather long break - we have published a new set of essences today. The Ray Project essences are manufactured by Kiyofumi Tomii in Japan. Tommy, as he likes ... read more
01/14/2013 Alaskan Essences by Steve Johnson
Again we are happy to announce, that we just published the essence ranges of a "new" essence manufacturer: The Alaskan Essences by Steve Johnson. Steve has been preparing his essences in the ... read more
10/22/2012 IrisFlora GreenHelps online
Another manufacturer is online! We are happy to announce, that all the essences of the German manufacturer IrisFlora GreenHelps are now available on the Essence Repertory. The IrisFlora essences are ... read more

Welcome to the Essence Repertory

The essence repertory's goal is, to be a rich reference work for vibrational remedies. This true for classic flower essences like the Australian Bush Flower Essences of Ian White as well as for more spiritual essences like the Wild Earth Animal Essences of Daniel Mapel.

Flower essences are precious tools which can help us to be able to deal with any kind of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual imbalance in a better way. But essences are no cure. They do not "heal" and they do not make an appointment with a health professional obsolete. If you have a serious illness and are looking for support on this website, please see your practitioner beforehand and then come back to support your process of recovery with vibrational essences.

The history of vibrational remedies is as old as mankind itself. It is bequeathed that the Aborigines of Australia have been using the morning dew from wild flowers for supporting their energetic balance for thousands of years. Also Paracelsus and Hildegard of Bingen knew very well about the supporting effects of energized water (which is what essences basically are).

The english physician Dr. Edward Bach rediscovered the concept of flower essences in the beginning of the 20th century in England and he did thorough research on his "Bach Flower Essences". Starting in the beginning of the eighties of the last century a variety of new, sophisticated essences have been manufactured and researched to support us with all the issues and problems of our time. The Essence Repertory provides you with information on the essences of the well established manufacturers around the world and will help you to find just the right, supportive essence for you.


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